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Geosil 150 Diluted Solution is an Ecological Disinfectant for: drinking water treatment, food & beverage production and a great general purpose antiviral disinfectant & sanitiser. It is also AgriQuality approved.

Treatment of domestic tanks is made difficult because of the many variables, and the way they can change from day to day. GeoSIL 150 is designed to simplify this process, and give you water that is clean and safe with the minimum of effort. Contamination in a water tank can infect the plumbing system of a dwelling, and infections like Legionella can be passed on, not only through the drinking water, but through baths and showers as well. An effective, affordable method of treating tanks therefore relies a lot on common sense and the use of an effective treatment program. Effective treatment therefore usually requires a number of steps to be followed to provide safe, fresh, healthy water, free of the dangerous inhabitants we wish to avoid. Treatment should also be carried out at regular intervals to ensure ongoing protection.

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