$128.15 + gst

Concentrated non-caustic auto-dish and glass wash detergent.

An ideal safer alternative to traditional caustic based formulations. Unique formulation suitable on wide range of surfaces - cutlery, crockery, china, stainless steel and plastic/synthetic items. May be used also as a safer heavy-duty soaking agent for aluminum components. Septic tank safe when used as directed.

Directions: For commercial automatic glasswash machines inject via an automatic pump at a ratio of 1:500 (0.2% solution, 2ml per litre) with potable wash water.

Warewash units use at a ratio of 1:250 (0.4% solution, 4mls per litre) of potable wash water. Use in conjunction with Geller Impact Rinse Aid  for optimum performance.

If used as a soaking agent, use at a ratio of 1:1 with potable water, and soak for a time period suitable for the results desired. Prior testing of surface suitability for soaking application is recommended.

MPI Approved C31 (All animal product except dairy). Before use, all edible product and packaging material must be removed from the room. After using this compound, food surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water before production starts.