$761.70 + gst

Introducing the Everest Elite Compact OVA8 Carbon Pole, the latest innovation from the Everest product line. This state-of-the-art, anti-spin pole incorporates cutting-edge technology, ensuring your brush stays precisely on target at all times. With its unique oval design, this pole reduces hand fatigue and fits naturally in your hand, making window cleaning a breeze with the Everest Elite OVA8.

Crafted for professional windowexterior, and solar panel cleaning. This high-quality and robust pole is constructed from carbon fibre, striking the perfect balance between durability and lightweight design for extended use. Its six sections allow for easy extension and retraction, providing a maximum length of 20 feet (6.096 meters) to access those challenging, hard-to-reach spots.

    The Everest Elite Compact OVA8 Carbon Pole is part of the distinguished Everest line of window cleaning equipment and poles, designed to deliver top-quality cleaning results while reducing strain on your body. Pair it with a DI System, DE-Ionized Water Tank, or Pure Water System to achieve efficient and cost-effective window cleaning. Elevate your window cleaning game with the Everest Elite OVA8 Carbon Pole!

    *** Please note that this product listing is for the pole itself, and the brush kit is not included. ***