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Red Rescue is a powerful stain removal system for the removal of colour stains (particularly red dye) caused by cool drinks, wine, food and beverages. The two part system allows the controlled use of activated metabisulphite which creates radical strength stain removal properties in a short space of time.


 Stain Removal – Red Rescue employs the proven red-removal properties of Metabisulphite to remove the colour from the toughest dye stains including wine, red cordial and cool drinks.

 Two Part System – The two part system ensures maximum performance for the most stubborn stains.

 Versatile – Red Rescue also removes colour from stains caused by juice, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, cool drink, cellulosic browning and many foods.

 Fibre Safe – Red Rescue is safe for use on natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for fibre and dye stability before use.