$124.00 + gst

This lightweight water-fed brush, suitable for window cleaners of any skill level, features high-quality nylon bristles that effortlessly glide across glass surfaces. With its dual trim design, this brush combines the advantages of long outer bristles for easy movement and inner monofilament bristles for effective dirt and grime removal. The outer bristle splay also enables precise corner and trim cleaning.

This brush comes with 4 separately plumbed pencil jets, creating direct streams of high-pressure water that power away grime.  Pencil jets are perfect for situations where a deeper level of cleaning is needed, and a higher water pressure is desired directly on the glass to minimize physical strain by the operator.  The brush comes in four sizes: 11inch, 12inch, 14inch, and 18inch


  • Dual Trim Brush
  • Outer & Inner Nylon Dupont Bristles
  • 4 Pencils Jets
  • 2 Y Push Fits, 1 T Push Fit Hose Connection